Training Pads


Greenbone™ Training Pads

Our Award winning pet training pads changed the paradigm in this category. Creating a user friendly experience, these premium pads offer design, function, and innovation all in one product.

Highly absorbent , 5 layer construction and quilted to help prevent runoff. 100% leak proof, and best of all they are Eco-Friendly and made with corn!


Greenbone – Ultra BioBase Pet Training Pads

  • Made with natural Plant based eco friendly renewable & Sustainable earth Friendly materials
  • No BPA’s or Phthalates or chemical residue – Safe for your pet
  • Highly Absorbent Natural Fiber Cotton topside quilted to lock in moisture and Plant based Cornstarch bottom to protect your floor!
  • A better choice for the environment and goes right back to nature!
  • Ideal for puppies and indoor dogs of all ages.
  • Super absorbent, 100% leak proof

Size: – 23.7” x 22.5”

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