Natural Pet Wipes


Greenbone™ Natural Pet Wipes

This unique natural formula is 100% plant based and contains No Alcohol. Safe for your Pet and great for your home or car or wherever life brings you and yours for a refreshing cleanup. Our large and strong pet wipes stay moist longer than most standard market wipes.

Made from natural lemongrass oil infused into our wipes . We don’t use any fragrance -only the natural fresh scent of the lemongrass itself which deodorizes and helps eliminate germs. keeps you and your pets-life fresh ,clean , safe , and happy!

Greenbone – Eco Friendly Pet Wipes

    • No Alcohol Formula
    • 100% Natural Plant derived
    • Made with Botanical Lemongrass oil
    • Naturally Antimicrobial & kills fungus
    • Fragrance free & chemical free
    • Natural insect repellent
    • Stays moist longer even after opening package

84 ct. – Large 8” x 7” Wipes
Heavy Duty Wt. 45gm

Greenbone – Eco Friendly Pet Wipes

  • No Alcohol Formula
  • Made with Natural botanical Lemongrass
  • Naturally Antimicrobial & kills fungus
  • without harsh toxic chemicals!
  • Natural insect repellent
  • 100% Plant Based Natural Material
  • Stays moist longer even after opening package

36 or 72 ct. – Large 8” x 7” Wipes

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