Cat Litter Liner Bags & Mats


Animal Planet – Cat Litter Liner Bags & Mats

Animal Planet Litter Mats are made from a specially woven material to collect dust from cats as they exit the litter box. Available in 3 home décor colors and embossed with graphics. The smart and trendy solution to keeping your litter space & home clean.

Animal Planet Large Drawstring Bags fit your litter pan making clean up easy with handy drawstrings. Just lift and pull drawstrings to tighten bag for easy disposal. Made with Biobase™ from corn & sustainable.


Animal Planet – No-Track Litter Mat

  • Non-skid backing
  • Works underneath any size litter box
  • Prevents litter tracking & helps keep floors clean
  • Made of a unique woven blend that catches stray litter from cat’s paws
  • Contemporary Fun Colors
  • Non toxic , non allergen materials –No BPA’s!

Colors: Blue,
Size: 14″ x 19″


Animal Planet – Cat Litter Liner Bags

  • Sturdy premium bags
  • Handy drawstring
  • Easy cleanup
  • Large size fits most litter boxes

Jumbo size, 10 or 20 liners
36″ x 19″

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